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Insulated Vinyl Doors

Take a close look at the Vinyl Door’s raised panel style and you will notice three things right away:

1. The surface sparkles with a classically detailed, beautiful wood-grain texture that you almost have to feel to fully appreciate.

2. The grain is not a random stamped pattern. It actually changes direction, as does real wood, where the post meets the beam, even on the trim.

3. The raised panel design is strikingly deep and perfectly proportioned, just like you'd expect from a Premium door.

“The Vinyl Door is Virtually Kid proof” - Exactly what does that mean?
It’s a fact of life that children play ball in the driveway. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, or football, an errant throw may strike the door. This will almost certainly cause denting in a steel door. We do not promote this type of activity, as abuse is not covered under the warranty. However, we have been known to bounce a ball off our door to demonstrate its phenomenal impact resistance, so you know it’s tough. Door Boy's Vinyl Garage Doors — Virtually Kid proof!